Why is ChisdealHD gets Bulled outside his house

what happent is when ChisdealHD walked out door and go and pop at his friends house, when done that ChisdealHD play games like COD AW on Xbox One. then one day when head at his house, this kids are young, when him go pass them this kids are calling names like "that boy is nackerd sould we be nasty to him" other boy say "sure what with" "like names and stuff" then when ChisdealHD go home then this kids throw EGGS at his door and run away when ChisdealHD try find out whats that smell and banging till him lokked at his door then seen EGGS on DOOR!. this when him was 14 years old

Now when ChisdealHD now 18 years old him goes to college and stuff, till him got on bus. this dude say "you put your fingers at me did you" ChisdealHD never do that to anyone, him very nice GUY and Respectful. thill get off bus this dude punch ChisdealHD at left leg, then him was limping all way home and told his mum say "this dude got on bus and say me you put your fingers at me, i was like no i never do stuff like that. then punch me at leg for nothing i done." and his mum say "stay away from him, if him cause trubble then keep away." ChisdealHD say "well i got on bus head home then him got on and try threght me stuff." then copple days then ChisdealHD waiting for bus come then this Dude was on bike and slam at me say like. "watch you going, or i bring a Knife and cut your head off" ChisdealHD says "listlen i know we went off this, but you started this even i didnt do nothing to you." then dude went at his house and got knife, lucky ChisdealHD got on bus before dude come and kill him. then copple more days then him never returned for good and was all peaceful and no people call me names.

then when him was 19 years old, this young kids almost same age then ChisdealHD. this kids are calling me names and threght me stuff, when thy followed me somewhere thy slam ChisdealHD hands at Gates when him try lock them keep them out. what this lot say is "hey dont lock gates B***" ChisdealHD say "No not allowed get in here not last time people come in and steal stuff out here" so when him walked away thy starting trhowing stones at ChisdealHD and run away. but right now in 3/9/16 thy still bullying ChisdealHD so him just not bothered no more, him has plan is if thy do stuff at him very bad him can get his friend and get his friend back them off for him.